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  • 04.07.2014   -   Why should you use AudioGAZ

    Blog shows how to use AudioGAZ

    news image In this blog article we explain how a radio station can use AudioGAZ, and how to market the tool to its advertisers. But more importantly, we show you how you can use AudioGAZ! LINK
  • 01.07.2014   -   AudioGaz - Add Fuel to your Adverts

    New marketing-tool rewards listening to radio ads

    news image Listen to radio ads carefully - and get rewarded with free fuel! AudioGaz is a new marketing tool for radio stations and advertisers. Provide your radio spots with incentives, and reward the listener for active listening. All you need is the AudioGaz app and your phone. This way for the full story: LINK
  • 23.06.2014   -   New 2014 Kehl City-Voucher

    powered by GO4Q

    news image The all new Kehl City-voucher shows effectively, what's possible with modern , digital voucher-systems. Fast, customizable, and most importantly: safe! LINK
  • 26.02.2014   -   GO4Q loves Burda

    Registration rewarded with free trial subscription

    news image Trying GO4Q is worth even more now: Starting from 1st of March, anyone who registers to the mobile commerce platform “GO4Q”, receives a 6-month trial subscription to the successful Burda magazine FOCUS or BUNTE for free. LINK
  • 12.02.2014   -   The right sound’s the thing

    First QSound-Event at German radio station “Hitradio OHR” well received by listeners

    news image The first nationwide QSounds event was a success - the proof of concept as successful. Now, theres nothing in the way for a nationwide launch - find out more in the follow-up report: LINK
  • 31.01.2014   -   Ready for the future - GO4Q brings mobile payment to everybody

    App turns smartphones into mobile checkout systems

    news image With the new app for merchants "QTerminal", any Android smartphone or tablet is easily turned into a mobile POS system. This way to the press release: LINK
  • 11.12.2013   -   On the hunt for the right sound

    GO4Q makes radio programs visible – to generate loyalty among listeners and add value

    news image Radio made visible: GO4Q enables broadcast of any content to smartphones via sound waves . The entire press release can be found in our newsroom: LINK
  • 09.12.2013   -   Learning from customers ....

    ...means understanding them better

    news image How do I actually know what my clients like best? How can I, in a simple way, align my products closer to the customers wishes? Read about a short and easy example in our blog LINK
  • 04.12.2013   -   Me, my smartphone and the supermarket

    Food retailers in search of added value via apps

    news image Today, many things in our everyday life can be performed digitally, with all the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. But has development completed and is it only about faster and faster processors and higher resolutions in the future? Where is new added value created for the consumer? One possible answer gives the article in our newsroom: LINK
  • 25.11.2013   -   German Mobile Payment capital is located on the Rhine

    In 2014, City of Kehl will become biggest project nationwide with over 60 participating retailers

    news image Hamburg, Osnabrück, Oldenburg: In more and more pilot-cities, mobile payment is slowly moving. But Germany's upcoming capital for cashless payments with smartphones is located at the gates of the Black Forest - in the city of “Kehl am Rhein”. For the first time, customers get the choice of more than 60 retailers in a single city, which leads to a long expected consistent shopping experience. This way to the press-release: LINK
  • 28.10.2013   -   Bye-bye cash - Grocer EDEKA Buschkühle relies on GO4Q

    Cashless payments now possible on all sites

    news image 38 years after the introduction of the debit card, german grocer "EDEKA Buschkühle" starts mobile payment with GO4Q in all stores. Customers benefit from more comfort and improved security. Pay-by-phone is now possible in all seven Buschkühle-markets. This way to the press-release LINK
  • 10.07.2013   -   Get Your Beer with Your Mobile

    First beergarden to accept mobile payment

    It is just SEE – SCAN – SMILE. You see an appealing drink, you scan the QR-Code on the menu and you smile when you get a nice cold beer. Summer can be easy and fun. Thomas Aurich, owner of Heilbronn’s biggest beergarden Food Court, is probably world’s first landlord to offer beer from the tap, paid by smartphone. “We strive to make live enjoyable, that why we offer pleasant drinks and good meals. If technology helps to further augment wellbeing of our customers e.g. via less waiting, than it is just what we want. And that is why we GO4Q.” GO4Q - mobile shopping is the first one for all mobile solution. With a single enrolment at consumers can order (and get their beer), pay at the checkout, get coupons or purchase their tickets within the GO4Q Trusted Partner Network (TPN). The Network is open to all retailers or service providers. Membership can be attained by subscribing to GO4Q. Press release via
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