About GO4Q


GO4Q and turn your phone smart. Convenient ordering, secure payment, easy ticketing, benefits from promotions. With GO4Q mobile it's just See Scan Smile.

Mobile Ordering:

Sitting in a beer garden and getting thirsty. Why standing in line? Scan what you like from the menu and you are done. No queuing, no waiting. Fetch your order with the "get-it code" send to your phone. Easy isn't it?

By the way - ordering out of ads or buying directly from a window or a screen works as well.

Mobile Payment:

Doing your weekend groceries - your cart is full, the queue is long. It feels the guy ahead has all the time in the world to find his wallet. Boring! You GO4Q. The till displays the payment code and with your phone it's just See-Scan-Smile. Fast, cool, secure!

Works as well in taxis, drugstores and the pizzeria around the corner.

Mobile Ticketing:

Your favorite band is in town and you are not excited about waiting in front of a box office? Go the easy way - scan the entrance code and confirm. GO4Q immediately sends your ticket to your phone. What's left is to enjoy the event.

Works also with green fees and amusement parks.

Mobile Couponing:

Going for rebates, trading stamps or discount tickets? Forget about paper and plastic. GO4Q stores all your tokens and loyalty cards. No promotion missed, all good deals made. If you like to go for bargains, you like to GO4Q.

Mobile Charity:

You are keen to support some "friends of the earth" or your local choir. If you GO4Q, all they need is a charity code. Whatever you support - with GO4Q it's just See-Scan-Smile and your donation is done. GO4Q - and go for good

Get the SEE - SCAN - SMILE experience.

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